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Often times I only write to women, but this one is for everyone. Enjoy!

Many times in our lives we find ourselves in painful situations, some of us may be in one right now and we simply want it to end. We become emotional, scared and unsure of our future. We can feel out of control and lash out, some of us withdraw and shut down building walls of what we think are protection and we don’t always handle our hurt in a way that bests suits our relationships, current nor future. Although this may seem reasonable for a moment in time, it is imperative that we move beyond our fear and heal in spite of our pain.

I have learned that my emotions can’t dictate my actions. Because struggles don’t always go away quickly, in the midst of my pain, I’ve learned to consider my options. One options is that we evaluate what we feel, where we are and where we want to end up and develop a plan of execution that will take us through a process to win. Taking this approach creates wisdom and positions us to think strategic. Not only that, but we have the option of becoming proactive in our process so that we are better prepared for the difficult situations we may face in our future. Remember, we have a choice to remain stuck, because of how we feel or we can begin to pivot our lives forward and become a change agent in our own life.

Feeling paralyzed is normal, but remember it’s just a feeling. Be sensitive to what you feel, but don’t let your fear and pain dictate your course. Start to move beyond the feeling and be careful not to let the pain, hurt or disappointment build bitterness and resentment in your heart. Open up and share, so you can begin to heal and become better communicator protecting the relationships that you want and need in your life. It may feel like it’s too hard, but remember you were built to win!

Navigating through the disappointment of a job loss or change, being looked over for the promotion, divorce, separation, financial struggle, lies, being disregarded, loneliness, lack of consideration, a wayward child, health issues and more can be difficult. But, as we allow ourselves the option to go through our situation we begin to adjust, we become patient and we build resilience and strength. In time we move forward, gain ground and before you know it, we become survivors!

Later, we have the victory in knowing that the success of navigating through our pain has made us flexible, strategic, wiser, patient, experienced without developing bitterness in our heart. The process of going through this journey has equipped us to be a better leader, partner, spouse, parent, friend or colleague and to help someone else on their Journey to Success, because you’ve become a Survivor!

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