At Leadership in Heels, we believe that if we CARE and take time to CONNECT together, we can CREATE anything our hearts desire.

Founded by Scharrell Jackson in 2015, Leadership in Heels is like no other women’s organization. Each series includes a speaker, panelist or “living room” experience and highlights a women in business with a portion of the proceeds going to support a local nonprofit organization.

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Do you ever think you want to be a leader but something is holding you back?

What’s holding you back from being a leader now? If you’re waiting to get “practice” being a leader, you may never get a real opportunity. The only thing holding you back is yourself!

On November 30th, Leadership in Heels is pleased to present:

Leadership is Not a Dress Rehearsal | The Show Starts Now!

Join exceptional keynote speaker Kim Shepherd, who will speak the truth and inspire attendees to realize their potential as leaders. Through her real life experiences and insightful talk, she will ignite a fire in you and will motivate you to take your leadership skills to the next level right away. You will not want to miss this incredibly influential talk from a talented speaker!

Be ready to laugh, learn, grow and be inspired.

So what are you waiting for? Leadership is Not a Dress Rehearsal! If you wait to purchase your tickets to this must attend event, they will sell out! Register today!

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