Through speaking engagements, a quarterly speaker series called Leadership in Heels and her role as a partner and chief operations and financial officer of one of the nation’s largest accounting firms Squar Miler, Scharell Jackson aims to motivate, inspire, educate and equip women to see themselves as leaders and pivot their lives forward personally, professionally and in the community.



  • I had the honor of being in the audience today for the Cal State Fullerton Center for Leadership luncheon. Your heartfelt speech was so inspiring that my friends and I spoke about it the rest of the day! Thank you!! Keep leading and inspiring.


  • I knew you would be remarkable, and let me tell you, you did not disappoint! You had so much energy, loved your wit and enthusiasm. Your personal stories were on point and I know people could relate. Your recognition of each person at your table was so genuine, I could see them smiling as you called their names. Congratulations Scharrell. Proud of you.

    Michelle Beauchamp

  • Scharrell,

    I wanted to personally thank you for taking your time to speak for our leadership group at Plaza Bank.  Hearing you at Biola really encouraged me to explore female perspective of corporate life.  Being raise by a single mother and now having 3 beautiful daughters (10, 7 & 4 year olds) of my own, I wanted to understand and better prepare them to be amazing female leaders that Christ would be proud of.  Your words of sitting at the table and asking for what you deserve really reminded me of Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” which I ended up reading because of you.  I’ve been encouraging my girls to not shy away from “BOYS ONLY” future goals, but strive to make a difference as a female and be a real representative to the 50% of the population.

    Thank you for your amazing work!

    Daniel Chang

  • It was truly a pleasure meeting you. I really enjoyed your insights during the panel discussion – you inspire me to be a better person and leader to my team!! I look forward to your event on the 30th.

    Amanda Miller

  • I was at the women of influence conference earlier today, but unfortunately, was unable to meet you in person. So I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your keynote conversation today. It was inspiring, thought provoking and to the point. I really enjoy your transparent and direct approach to conversation — and I found myself jotting down notes every few minutes, as you made me really think about situations I face in my career and in my personal life. Working in a male dominated industry, I really relate to so many of the things you said, and will be exercising your approach to communicating with the team of men I’m surrounded by each day. I hope you had a great time at the conference, as well!

    Carley Hummel

  • Hi Scharrell,

    GREAT to meet you today! Totally appreciate your story, your generosity to share it and your energy!

    Lucia Robles

  • OMG Scharrell – you gave one of the best speeches I have ever seen in my life. I loved how you started with a prayer and moved right into invaluable insights that every woman needs to hear. I truly believe God put you on your journey to share with others and I am so happy you are putting this journey into a book.

    I was so proud of you!

    Kim Shepherd

  • You are an absolute power house and a girly-girl/lady/woman/leader!!! Your words of wisdom and experience moved so many people. There is so much buzz this morning over the luncheon yesterday. You set the bar for quality of presenters to come in the following years. We’ll definitely be connecting with you for your expertise and wisdom. I also really valued your advice about the goal setting for the strategic plan. I’m going to send them back around to the core task force so we can look through it with discerning eyes for the purpose behind each goal.

    Terilyn Jackson

  • Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this marvelous leadership series you have created. Today was very rich in meaning and I am taking back ideas for staying connected to presence and wholeness. You are an amazing lady!

    Vivian Clecak

  • I must tell you how much I enjoyed your Leadership In Heels breakfast in July! The panel of speakers was so on topic for our lives today. All the positive energy and getting to know my tablemates really made my morning. Our entire table connected on LinkedIn the next day.

    Carol Grosz

  • I absolutely love, love your Leadership in Heels event. I will definitely bring my friends to the next event in March. I know they will be impressed as much as I always am!

    Lynette Fujitani

  • Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring morning at Leadership in Heels! I just love how you’re bringing faith and hope to women in this ministry of yours. I’m truly grateful that I was able to be a last minute addition to your event this morning. You are amazing and inspiring! Please let me know how I can help you with future events.

    Lyndie O’Toole

  • Since moving to the Orange County area, I have been looking for a good way to meet other women leaders. It has been so inspiring and motivating at the Leadership In Heels events to sit with so many wonderful women who all share a passion for the community and desire to want to be more involved and help one another. From going to Leadership In Heels, I have not only had the opportunity to meet incredible women, I have been able to make some amazing connections and because of this, I now have some great new committee members for March of Dimes. I am so thankful that this event brought us all together. For any women looking to make valuable connections, be inspired or just be reminded of how amazing we are as women, look no further!

    Heather Peloquin

  • Rhonda was awesome. I was deeply moved by her presentation, and even more so by you and your beautiful heartfelt introduction. You are a marvelous leader in heels (gorgeous ones!) leading from the heart and the head. As I heard you tell of your broken heart I felt my own broken heart and tears began to flow. You are an amazing model. I hope to continue to build our friendship and be inspired by you.

    Vivian Clecak

  • I just attended the Mommy Esquire meeting and really enjoyed your presentation! Unfortunately, I had to get back to the office, so I couldn’t stick around to chat in person afterwards. It’s inspiring to see what you’ve accomplished so far in your professional career and as a mom, and you have given us some helpful tips to align those two roles moving forward.

    Thank you!

    Jennifer Gatewood

  • Thank you so much for speaking to our group! I really enjoyed your presentation, and, as always, walked away with some tips and ideas to reflect upon in my own life. It’s so important to create these spaces for women professionals to share and grow, and I appreciate your willingness to take the time out of your day to meet with us and share some personal stories as well.

    Looking forward to the next event!

    Jacqueline Beaumont

  • Hello Scharrell,
    I truly enjoyed seeing you and attending your amazing event. You are an inspiration! I’m looking forward to attending your next event on November 5😊 Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.



  • You were shining in the light today, fully present and just wonderful. That just accelerated to an even higher level my already high regard for you!!!! The room was filled with dynamic women, which was truly an inspiration in itself. Your sons are just darling, and your mother!!!! WOW!! And the flowers!!!!
    Well, you created a grand success this morning!!!

    Nancy Dahan

  • Quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the event this morning. You created an environment of warmth, intellect and inspiration – in my view a winning combination – and a true reflection of you! I met some wonderful women at my table this morning and will be following up to deepen connections. Thank you for including me. My very best wishes and support to you as your vision and hard work continue to come to fruition and prosper.

    Elizabeth Bernay

  • As one of the Women Leading the Way in Orange County, you set the tone for a great day with your opening remarks at our recent event for women transitioning from military to civilian careers. You not only shared advice from your impressive career, but did so in a way that resonated with audience members at many levels. Your poise, targeted insights, professionalism, personal warmth and humor shone through.  Thanks for leading the way and reaching out to our local military women.

    Elizabeth S. Bernay


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